Testimonials from clients and top music and entertainment executives:

"Ellyn is a great publicist. She does a sensastional job. Ellyn is very tenacious - she never gives up." - Louie Devito, CEO of Dee Vee Music, #1 selling Dance compilation label in the world

"I sincerely appreciate all you have done for our young company. You have helped put us on the map and I am personally indebted to you for that. Thank you for our front page article in Billboard Magazine!" - Robb McDaniels, CEO, INgrooves.com

"ELLYN IS TRULY THE BEST. She works hard to get you the best publicity possible. I'm so excited about my coverage in EBONY magazine. It's an important publication and the article was a great way to expose me to an even broader audience. I am very fortunate to be a part of the Buzz family!" - Dolce, Act 2 recording artist and #1 Billboard Charting artist

"Ellyn, no one has the relationships that you do. You have the media's ear. No one has accomplished what you have." - Sean McGarr, President, Webster Hall Records

"I love working with a pro like you. You make it fun and I don't know what I'd do without you." - Gabe Vigorito, President/Owner De-Lite Records (Multi-Platinum-selling Crown Heights Affair and Kool and the Gang)

"Due to Ellyn's strong relationships in the music community and her expert guidance, we were able to guarantee the attendance of the "who's who" of the dance world at our event during the Winter Music Conference - and then go on to win rave reviews for our bash! - Thank you Ellyn." - Janine Richardson, Senior Director, Events, Warner Music Group

"Ellyn, You are so sound. You have a soft touch with people. You can talk to anyone - and get what you want." - Ron Hirsch, CEO, Act 2 Records

"I want to thank you for all the publicity you have done for us. Our event was in all the major publications . . . you worked some magic." - Staci Allison Morgan, VP Marketing Velvet Nation Night Club, Washington, DC

"Ellyn knows everybody and everybody loves her." - Harry Frank Towers, Award winner, WMC Independent Label Promoter of the Year

"Ellyn was the catalyst who motivated and inspired the dance music industry troops to work together to achieve a common goal - a category for dance music at the Grammys. Ellyn never gave up the fight and the result helps establish a new respect for the dance music genre." - Gary Hayslett, Publisher, Dance Music Authority Magazine

"Thank you for all of your efforts on the behalf of this movement. You are indeed a special person to everyone in the dance music community." - David Jurman, former Senior Director of Dance Music, Sony/Columbia Records

"Ellyn, you deserve many accolades for all of your accomplishments in such a relatively short time. You were positively the driving force behind the success of the new Grammy Dance Music category. Bravo!" - Linda Moran, former Senior VP, Group & External Relations, Warner Music Group

"You kept at it and YOU DID IT! It gives me a new belief in the music again - that it truly can go to the next level." - Tommy Musto, President, Northcott Productions

"Ellyn, you are well connected" - Avery Lipman, VP Universal Music Group

"The service you have done for the dance music community will undoubtedly be looked at as a major turning point for the genre. You have given dance music its most important intangible, credibility. The community owes you BIG TIME." - Tom O'Keefe, President, Neurodisc Records